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User Help

User Help is aimed at the general user of EVA Netmodeler and covers the following topics:

  • The standard Web browser interface
    Description of what the different facilities in EVA Netmodeler  are, and how best to use them to achieve typical goals, such as browsing existing knowledge in the repository, viewing related documents, adding new items, editing existing items, generating reports and performing analyses
  • The Visio Modeler interface
    Information about how to use  EVA Netmodeler to store models created and maintained in Visio
  • The Graphical Modeler interface
    How to use the Graphical Modeler to create and maintain graphical models directly in EVA Netmodeler
  • Working with Related Content
    How to link information in the repository to a wide variety of content items stored as electronic documents
  • Using filters
    Find out how to define and use filters to control which items are displayed in browsers and reports.
  • Exchanging Data
    How to exchange data between EVA Netmodeler and a wide variety of other tools.
  • Working with multiple repositories
    EVA Netmodeler provides special features to help you work in distributed environments where multiple users, and possibly sites, or copies of EVA Netmodeler and associated repositories, will collaborate.

Refer to the Administrator Help for assistance with how to configure and manage the above facilities.