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Anonymous Access

Anonymous access
Anonymous capture

Anonymous Access for Unregistered Users

EVA Netmodeler users within an organization normally have user identities and log in to the tool so security of access can be properly controlled. Sometimes there is information that you are happy to expose to everyone, maybe even to the Internet at large. In these cases, we can make use of anonymous access. This works as follows:

  • Certain Types within EVA Netmodeler are designated as being publicly accessible
  • For these types, when you browse to a supporting browser (e.g. Unified), there will be a "generate query" button. Clicking this will launch a new browser window with a URL in the address bar.
  • The URL generated in this fashion can be copied and pasted into other web pages, documents or containers (e.g. presentations, spreadsheets...) that support URL's
  • When such a link is clicked, the content that was displayed in EVA Netmodeler when it was generated is retrieved and displayed in the same format as the browser bottom pane.
  • Data displayed in this manner is not editable and cannot be altered by the casual ("anonymous") browser
  • Links from the displayed data are displayed (within the constraints of the "Public" access) and may be followed to retrieve other content.

Anonymous access allows us to have the best of both worlds from a single, dynamically updated web site:

  • We may have an Intranet where we maintain product details, pricing, promotional brochures, training course details etc.
  • We would probably be happy for clients and prospects to see product details, promotional brochures and courses available, but not details of pricing, staff, job assignments, research projects etc.
  • Internal users could have full update access to view and amend the "public" information
  • We can have links on our corporate site that direct queries into EVA Netmodeler to retrieve the latest details from the repository
  • In this way, we can have a site which is accurate and up to date, without the effort and expense of frequent web authoring and content maintenance.

Anonymous Capture

This related feature allows us to create standard web forms which may be embedded in normal web pages, but which, when submitted, will cause the details transmitted to be stored in the EVA Netmodeler repository as an item. We can use this, for example, to allow customers to place orders, or to book on a course without being previously known to the system.

We normally advise that the information captured in this way be vetted by a staff member before being added to the generally available knowledge base. If we set up an event or two, we can have relevant parties alerted when such content arrives for their attention.