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Welcome to EVA Netmodeler

EVA Netmodeler is a web-based, central repository, multi-user knowledge management and collaborative enterprise modeling tool that supports the collaborative work of strategists, modelers, architects, analysts, consultants, ontologists and other professionals.

Users access EVA Netmodeler via a standard web interface, where many browser based interfaces are provided, each optimised for a particular kind of use. In addition, EVA Netmodeler supports modeling via Visio, other desktop applications and its own native Graphical Modeler. Users can choose the most appropriate mode of operation for their skills, purpose, background and situation without compromising the benefits of a central managed repository for integrated multidimensional models.


EVA Netmodeler can be customised for various purposes by loading domain meta models (also sometimes called meta-sets) including, for example:

  • Enterprise Architectures which include:
    • business
    • process
    • application
    • information and
    • technology architectures and also extensions such as
    • cost
    • risk
    • The above is achievable with a range of frameworks, including:
      • Inspired Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
      • Zachman framework
      • Open Group TOGAF approach
      • US Dept of Defense DODAF model
  • Program Management
    • Management of multiple interrelated projects
  • Process Management and Improvement including
    • Stakeholder and business event models
    • Business Process Models
    • Measurement and improvement
    • Application support for processes
  • Methods Engineering and Management
    • The modeling, development, evolution, management, deployment and refinement of methods and associated artifacts and deliverables
  • Strategic Planning and Governance
    • Managing the high level goals, structures, organization and other elements towards strategic achievement, possibly using formal models such as:
    • COBIT
    • ITIL
  • Course Administration
    • Providing catalogues, scheduling, taking bookings, recording attendance and results of training courses
  • Quality Management
    • Defining work products, processes, quality metrics, recording performance, allocating responsibility for improvement
  • Consulting Practice Management
    • Running a consulting practice including managing prospects and clients, staff, projects, consulting time, billing, tracking payment
  • Building Ontologies
    • Defining models, meta models and glossaries as well as the correspondence between terminology and semantics of various entities
  • System Delivery including
    • Defining and managing models
    • Managing Components and other Artefacts such as source code
    • Managing dependencies
    • Estimating size (e.g. with Function Points)
    • Managing other relevant metrics

In addition, authorised users can easily extend the capabilities of the tool by adding their own knowledge types, relationships and model types. EVA Netmodeler facilitates the structuring, capturing, maintenance, browsing, sharing and analysis of information by and between authorised users.

EVA Netmodeler can manage

  • Structured information and Graphical Models in its own repository
  • Documents and other content stored on the server including
    • Word processing documents (e.g. .doc)
    • Spreadsheets (e.g. .xls, .123)
    • Presentations (e.g. .ppt )
    • Project Plans (e.g. .prj)
    • Visual Models (e.g. Visio, Rational Rose..)
    • Portable Document Format files (.pdf)
    • Media files (photos, audio, video..)
    • Program source files
    • XML files
    • Indeed, anything that your client environment can handle
  • Links to external content on an intranet or anywhere on the world wide web.

It can help to make your group more informed and productive. Being web-based and supporting outgoing and inbound e-mail, EVA Netmodeler easily supports the collaboration of distributed team members by its shared repository and web nature and special features such as threaded discussions. An events subsystem allows for further automated notification and other automation (e.g. automatic indexing, loading content from designated directory etc. ). Analysis is supported by sophisticated inferencing capabilities and ability to define computation and analysis logic relevant to model items.

EVA Netmodeler supports easy interoperation with other tools in your environment, through the use of open standards:

  • HTML and Java Script on the client browser
  • XML import and export of data and type definitions is provided, both in batch (file) mode as well as immediately via a messaging interface
  • An API supports easy integration with desktop productivity tools such as Microsoft Visio, Powerpoint and Word
  • CSV support (import and export) provides for easy exchange of information with spreadsheets, including Lotus 123 and Microsoft Excel
  • A web standards compliant messaging API allows realtime exchange of data with other HTTP/XML compliant tools
  • Integration with mail standards (POP3, SMTP) allows EVA Netmodeler to both generate and receive e-mail
  • A SQL interface allows writing to and reading from external data sources

Note: In some markets, Archi is sold under the name "Webmodeler". You may see references to this in attached documents and examples. Please regard the names as synonymous.

Users with the necessary authorisation can use the built in report writer and document composer to extract desired information easily.

Developers can extend the available facilities by adding customised menus, custom views (user defined interfaces), calculation and analysis logic, external database access, and monitoring and automating activities using the events subsystem.

Please select the help that is relevant to you:

  • Concepts Help
    Description of the main concepts relevant to an Enterprise Collaborative Modeling tool in general, and EVA Netmodeler in particular.
  • Generic User Help
    Typical functions that an average user might want to perform, such as: browsing the knowledge base, adding items, relating items, searching, amending items, viewing and uploading documents, producing reports. This help covers all the browser based interfaces and functionality.
  • Visio User Help
    This covers the visual modeling subsystem and integration with Visio as a client side visual modeling tool. The combination of Visio and EVA Netmodeler can be used to create, integrate, manage and evolve visual and repository models using any notation for any purpose.
  • Graphical Modeler Help
    This covers the features and use of our own native graphical modeling environment implemented in a browser. The graphical modeler currently supports similar functionality to the Visio integration. It has the advantage of easier setup and no requirement for client side software or licenses.
  • Administration Help
    Includes functions that system owners and administrators might use, such as customising the look and feel, setting up defaults, arranging where things are stored on the server, setting up new users, managing security permissions and so on
  • Meta Modeler Help
    Is intended for those who will extend the capabilities of EVA Netmodeler by defining new types of knowledge to manage, the properties of the knowledge types, and the relationships between types
  • Developer Help
    Is intended for developers, who may extend EVA Netmodeler for their organization or user group's needs by adding customised menus, custom views, events and calculated properties. A knowledge of programming is assumed for this section
  • Application Area Help
    This covers the use of the tool in various areas of application. Each area of application encapsulates expert knowledge of an application area into a number of meta-model extensions, model types, custom views, events, calculated properties and tool usage patterns that are relevant to the area of application.
    • Architect Help
      Is for those who are using the Inspired Enterprise Architecture Framework meta models with EVA Netmodeler and who fill the roles of Business, Process, Application, Information, Technical Infrastructure or Security Architects
    • Program Manager Help
      Is intended to assist program managers and project office members with the use of EVA Netmodeler for managing multiple related projects
    • Process Modeling and Improvement Help
      Is for those involved in modeling business processes, business reengineering and process optimization
    • Strategic Planning and Governance covers the use of EVA Netmodeler is support of planning and governance techniques, such as COBIT
    • Method Modeler Help covers the use of EVA Netmodeler for the definition, evolution, deployment and customisation of methods by methods engineers
  • Consult the Portal where we publish information about EVA Netmodeler releases, new features, reported issues and more. You can also report any issues you experience, consult new documentation and see the status of development.