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Graphical Modeler Interface

This section covers the following topics:


Graphical Modeler is a product of Inspired ( that works in conjunction with EVA Netmodeler. The Graphical Modeler (GM) runs as an applet inside a web browser on the client workstation. It communicates with and stores models and content in the EVA Netmodeler repository. Communication is achieved over standard networking infrastructure using TCP/IP and HTTP protocols, just like the rest of the web.

GM provides a rich and flexible graphical modeling environment which can support a variety of notations and model types. Both instance models and meta models can be created and managed. This means that users can create and work with models using popular notations for strategy, enterprise architectures, system development, process modeling and more, but are also free to create unique model types using their own concepts and notation. All this can be achieved without programming and newly defined model types are immediately available to support graphical modeling of associated instance models.