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Linking a Custom View to a Menu

Creating your own custom view and linking it to a menu is relatively simple. Firstly, you have to create a new instance of the "Archi Custom Menu" nodetype and the "Archi Custom View" nodetype.

For this exercise, let's name them both "Hello World". Now link the new instance of the "Archi Custom View" nodetype to the new instance of the "Archi Custom Menu" nodetype via the "has" reltype. 

Next link your "ArchieUser" instance to the "Archi Custom Menu" instance via the "belongs to" reltype. This will cause the new custom menu to appear on your Menu browser, allowing you to launch the new custom view from there.  

The figure below shows a screenshot of the new custom menu instance linked to the correct user and custom view.


Now, when you navigate to the "Menu" browser, you should see a "Hello World" link on the screen. When you click on this link, a new browser window will pop up. This window is blank at the moment, because we have not inserted any code into the "Description" property of the "Hello World" custom view instance.