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Value Adding Features

EVA Netmodeler offers a number of features that extend its capabilities and usefulness even further.

  • Time Related Information & Calendar enables you to view time related data in a familiar calendar format.
  • Dashboards and Conceptual Knowledge Maps (Spatial) can be used to define and publish in formation that is best graphically.
  • Lookups provide a mechanism restrict the possible values that can be assigned to a property to a predefined list.
  • Hierarchies and Inferencing enables you to view and analyze your data based on indirect relationships between items.
  • Computation (Calc Properties) are useful for deriving and summating values from other properties and items in the repository.
  • Events enable you have EVA Netmodeler notify you or even take some action on your behalf when a predefined event occurs.
  • Collaboration & Discussion Threads provide a mechanism for conducting and storing threaded discussions of any item in the repository.
  • Directory Monitoring helps you build a dynamic knowledge base based on the contents of specified file system directories.
  • eMail Integration enables you to notify designated users via e-mail of events of interest that occur in the EVA Netmodeler repository.
  • Custom Views are used to create fully customised user interfaces.
  • Portal Support provides a simple mechanism to publish the contents of the repository to a community beyond the registered EVA Netmodeler users.