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Reports and Composite Documents

Simple Reports

The EVA Netmodeler Report Browser is a built in report writer designed to work directly with the EVA Netmodeler. The Report Browser can be used to create both standard and custom reports. Report definitions can be stored in the repository for later use. They can be made available to all repository users, shared with specific users or made accessible from outside the repository via the Anonymous Access facility.

All report specification are stored in EVA Netmodeler under a user specified name. The specification includes the data types and properties to include in the report, the filter conditions used to select items for inclusion in the report, and various settings that control how the report is displayed.

Giving other users quick access to a report

By default, all reports created by a user get automatically added to that user's user menu. Although other users are able to access the report via the report browser, it is also possible to add the report to another user's menu, so that it is convenient and easy for the user to find.

Providing Dynamic Data to Casual Users not Registered in EVA Netmodeler

The benefits of accessing well structured, managed, real-time information need not be limited to registered user of EVA Netmodeler. The Anonymous Access feature of EVA Netmodeler enables most content to be exposed to unregistered users through a web portal, such as a corporate Intranet, Anonymous users can easily be given access to Reports, Composite documents, items displayed through the GIDE interface, and Custom Views.

Composite Documents

The composite document editor is a powerful feature that lets you easily create a hyperlinked (HTML) document from related items in the repository. To create a composite document format, you browse over the meta model, selecting the types, attributes and relationships of interest to you.