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EVA Netmodeler Top Navigation Bar

Drag cursor over the parts of the bar below to see where there are hot spots! Click the hotspots to go to the relevant explanation.

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The Navbar allows for general navigation around the EVA Netmodeler tool. Each tab invokes a different browser. The ? button invokes help for the current browser. The current browser tab is highlighted. The UserID, Repository Name and EVA Netmodeler Site are displayed below the tabs.


Clicking on the logo will take the user to the EVA Netmodeler system menu page. This provides access to all browsers (same as the tabs on this navigation bar), but also provides utility and other functions not available from the Navbar. These include system administration, server monitoring, development tools and meta modeling support. If the session has timed out, clicking the logo will take you to the logon page.

Note that on help pages, the logo in the top left corner will return you to the previous level of help.

Nagivation Tabs

The navigation tabs each take the user to a different function (browser user interface) within EVA Netmodeler. These are optimised for performing various functions, such as editing data, viewing matrices, viewing spatial maps, viewing linked content, report generation etc. See Browser Help.

Help Button

Invokes the Help Subsystem to display the relevant help for the currently selected browser the user is viewing. Probably how you got here!.

Search Button

Launches the Search Tool

Item Filter Button

EVA Netmodeler supports filters which allow easy tailoring of information returned by the various browsers. This tab allows the user to associate filters with the current session, or remove unwanted ones. If any filters are active this icon will be highlighted (by default it will be colored red, but this may be changed by the system administrator). Hovering the mouse pointer over the filters icon will display a tool tip with a summary of the active filters, if any. See more about the concept of filters, the different types of filters, how to activate filters, or how to create or edit filters.

Domain Filter Button

Launches the window for selection of the Domains you wish to view.

Log Off Button

Logs you off from EVA Netmodeler. Closes the current session.

Create Menu by Capture

If you have the appropriate rights, a small icon indicated by a star will allow you to capture the current position (Browser, Type, Item) as a menu item. This will automatically be added to your menu browser. You can also assign it to other users by linking the item created to their ArchiUser or placing the newly created item into a menu folder to which they already have access.