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Accessing EVA Netmodeler

Logging On to EVA Netmodeler

To use EVA Netmodeler, you must be registered in the system as an ArchiUser. You can be an individual user or part of a group. Each logon has a unique user name and password. Both of these are case sensitive (it matters where you use capitals and small letters). When you reach the tool you will be prompted to enter the user id and password. If this is successful, you will be presented with the EVA Netmodeler main menu screen or the default browser and focus items designated by the administrator. From there, chose the functions you would like to perform or help.

During the logon process you can choose to resume working in the same browser and item as you were working with at the end of your previous session. To do this, simply check the Resume check box below the user ID and password fields on the Logon page. You can also select the Resume Data for User: item from your User Menu at any stage during a session.

When you are logged in, you have a "session" running in the EVA Netmodeler server. This helps to identify you and your privileges to EVA Netmodeler and for EVA Netmodeler to keep track of your activities for security, integrity and recovery purposes. If you do not use EVA Netmodeler for an extended period, usually about 15 minutes, but this can be adjusted by the administrator, your session will time out. EVA Netmodeler will not then allow access until you log in again.

Logging Off EVA Netmodeler

You can log off EVA Netmodeler at any stage by clicking on the Log off button on the Navigation Bar.


Using EVA Netmodeler Without Logging On

An alternate mode of access is also provided via the Anonymous Access feature of EVA Netmodeler. Here certain users or user groups are designated as being able to access the tool "anonymously". These users normally have restricted access (e.g. they may not be able to perform updating etc.), but this is at the discretion of the system administrator.

Anonymous access is primarily intended to support access by users who do not interact with EVA Netmodeler directly, but who view EVA Netmodeler content via views embedded in intranet or other web sites (e.g. a Portal). Such users are not required to log on and will not have their sessions time out. They can be oblivious to the fact that the content they are viewing is provided by EVA Netmodeler. Security is not compromised, since the link that calls upon EVA Netmodeler to provide the content includes user identity. EVA Netmodeler will still manage security and permissions. 

The anonymous feature can also be used within a corporate environment (usually on an intranet) to provide convenience of "always logged in" use for high frequency users. Administrators should make sure that alternate security mechanisms (e.g. screen savers, workstation passwords etc.) are in place to prevent unauthorised use of these user's "open" sessions.