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General Tips for using a Browser Based Application

  • The browser back button will allow you to return to the previously viewed screen. Because EVA Netmodeler is frame based, you may have to hit back several times to restore the view that you want - the browser will typically restore one frame at a time
  • The browser forward button will return to a page that you previously went back from
  • To improve performance, most browsers cache information received from the server locally and display the information from there if it is requested again. If information in the display has not updated as you expected, use the menu option (usually available by clicking the right mouse in the frame you want to see) to refresh or reload the information from the copy on the server
  • For security reasons, if you do not interact with EVA Netmodeler for an extended period (say 15 minutes), the server will disconnect your session - the effect of this is that you will have no priveleges and security clearances. If this occurs, you need to log on again - click the provided link to go to the logon screen
  • Your security clearances are determined at the start of your session when you log on. If the administrator adds privileges while you are logged on, you will not be able to use these until you log on again.
  • Frames are areas of the screen used to display different sets of information. You can resize frames to see more of certain information and less of others if this suits your current purpose. Resize frames by placing the cursor over the frame border until an arrow displays, then click and drag.
  • Users with small screens may want to get more "real estate" i.e. viewable area, by closing some of the toolbars on the browser. You do not need, for example, to see the address bar while using EVA Netmodeler. Another trick is to reduce the size of the bars you do want, for example, by changing from displaying icons and text to one or the other only. See Preferences or Options in the Web Browser's .
    In IE, you can hide borders temporarily by pressing F11. Pressing it again will bring them back.
  • When forms appear, you can move from field to field by using TAB. Shift TAB will normally take you back again. You can usually activate the SUBMIT or Default action button by hitting ENTER
  • You can highlight text and copy by using a right mouse menu or CTRL C. You can paste by using CTRL V. You can cut by using CTRL X (this will also allow you to paste the text).
  • You can save the contents of a frame by using the File Save menu, or a right mouse save menu option, if present
  • Use the favorites or bookmarks features of your browser to keep addresses that you want to return to often, like the EVA Netmodeler logon page
  • If you want to, you can adjust the size of displayed text in pages viewed. On Netscape this is under the View menu options Increase Font or Decrease Font; in Internet Explorer see the View Menu, Text Size
  • When printing from a browser, ensure that the frame you want to print is selected (click somewhere in it if necessary). It is usually useful to suppress printing of backgrounds (and certainly saves ink when printing in colour)